14 June, 2006

World Cup, World-Class Models and World's Greatest Blog Post!

Congratulations to Brazil on their defeat of Croatia yesterday! Brazil is one of the greatest places on Earth and the only place I have ever been in love with. It's hard not to support them in the games. I am sure they will fare quite well against Australia on Sunday too.

This is the world's greatest blog post simply because I decided to re-post six of some of our finest in the line-up for THE MODEL DIGEST, our Digital/Web book unlike any you have ever seen.
Do you know their names? All of them have been posted on this blog at one time or another. You can find them in the archives.

In order starting at top: Natasha Tagai, Tina Tran, Morgan Leigh Cox, Heidi Galarza, Amy Nguyen and Valentina Smirnova.

This, more than any other post to date, gives you an idea of THE MODEL DIGEST except for the fact that where possible we give model photos a page all their own. So enjoy, come back and look again and if you are so inclined, you can pre-order an edition of THE MODEL DIGEST. Just use the email link to request details. Meanwhile I wish your teams all good luck in the World Cup!

Jim Parducci