24 May, 2006

Danger! Too Hot To Handle!

Welcome back! Meet the lovely and exotic-looking mega-hot model Samie Farakesh, number 23 in our ever-increasing count of voluptuous vixens who will grace the pages of THE MODEL DIGEST, an original Digital Collection of the hottest aspiring and established models around. On the blog we only give a taste, a fraction of what's in store as we move towards twice the models originally planned if not more (that's at least . . . ahem . . . 40 models or more but who's counting?) Being put together essentially as an e-book THE MODEL DIGEST will feature multiple photos of many models like Samie and is intended as an opportunity for aspiring models and a showcase for more established ones as we have the pleasure of dealing with both. Models typically are very nice to work with and never hard on the eyes and they never are shy about their photos which is a benefit for our readers so enjoy as we keep adding more! Recently April Florio, our cover model did a great interview for us (thanks again, April!) and Samie just asked me recently about what else we needed so we should be getting more photos from her very soon. Beautiful, cooperative and professional is the nature of these models and my only gripe is that neither they nor I have the time to do much but work.
But hey it is still a fun project and I'm sure we'll grab some social moments when this project is done. It would be a privilege to spend time with any one of them.

13 May, 2006

Twenty-Two Models and Counting . . .

Meet Sauna X, our luscious twenty-second stunning model scheduled to appear in the new, improved
digital work: THE MODEL DIGEST now slated for summer arrival and availability. This hot model strutting her stuff in a classic cowgirl shoot is just one of at least 40 delights awaiting you within the pages of our book. The day just came where twenty models just didn't seem like enough anymore and we're glad it did. We figured why do a magazine that spoonfeeds the fans what they want when we can give it to you all at once? Heck, we can always do another one later. Just remember that lots of hot models in hot outfits like these await you within those pages and with multiple photos of each smoking-hot girl!

Now if you have been reading along and not distracted by Sauna's features you know that you will be in for a treat this summer. I myself can hardly wait for this project to be done because compared to what it was first intended to be, it is even hotter, more fun and larger (best of all). We're posting at least once a week and will do more when we can between production and research and all those other little publishing things I am sure you'd be bored with so enjoy Sauna and the rest of the models we post because you'll love each and every one!

05 May, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! We've been away from the blog posts for awhile because we have been busy restructuring and redirecting the future of THE MODEL DIGEST. We have already added more models like the absolutely beautiful Lily Wang who is our twenty-first featured model! We don't have a specific count yet for the book but we know we are adding a lot more as of now, we know we are aiming for summer completion of the larger work and we know it will be worth the wait. We'll be posting number 22 in just a couple of days so check back as we are back on track. The only thing better than a project with twenty models is a project with more than twenty and we are excited about it. Meanwhile you'll have the blog to visit and enjoy! Enjoy the holiday!