24 May, 2006

Danger! Too Hot To Handle!

Welcome back! Meet the lovely and exotic-looking mega-hot model Samie Farakesh, number 23 in our ever-increasing count of voluptuous vixens who will grace the pages of THE MODEL DIGEST, an original Digital Collection of the hottest aspiring and established models around. On the blog we only give a taste, a fraction of what's in store as we move towards twice the models originally planned if not more (that's at least . . . ahem . . . 40 models or more but who's counting?) Being put together essentially as an e-book THE MODEL DIGEST will feature multiple photos of many models like Samie and is intended as an opportunity for aspiring models and a showcase for more established ones as we have the pleasure of dealing with both. Models typically are very nice to work with and never hard on the eyes and they never are shy about their photos which is a benefit for our readers so enjoy as we keep adding more! Recently April Florio, our cover model did a great interview for us (thanks again, April!) and Samie just asked me recently about what else we needed so we should be getting more photos from her very soon. Beautiful, cooperative and professional is the nature of these models and my only gripe is that neither they nor I have the time to do much but work.
But hey it is still a fun project and I'm sure we'll grab some social moments when this project is done. It would be a privilege to spend time with any one of them.