03 April, 2006

Waves and Wondrous Women

Meet Lona Russum, the 18th model in our 20-model line-up who will appear in the premiere issue of THE MODEL DIGEST on April 24th. Lona has that wholesome, girl-next-door look with just the right amount of sexiness thrown into the mix to make her irresistable. Try to look away, we dare you!

In 1868 today a Hawaiian who will remain nameless (because in truth we don't know his name) surfed the largest wave ever, a 50-foot tidal wave. Considering the accomplishment, we just refer to him as the wave-god.

Our countdown finishes this week with our last two models, a stunning California native in the number-19 slot to be crowned by our delicious Florida-based cover model. We promise you she was worth the wait!

Birthday Girls Today: Actresses Shelley Michelle and Jennie Garth and Miss Belgium-Universe 1996 Veronique DeKock and Miss Wyoming Teen-USA 1997 Esmeralda Gonzalez