14 March, 2006

Girls In Uniform

Meet the stunning Monica Chairez, our first beautiful model in what will be a regular feature in THE MODEL DIGEST called "Girls In Uniform." We're starting with a professional cheerleader and model but you can use your imagination for now to get an idea of what you might expect in future issues!

Monica is sporting the uniform of The CheerXpress Jags All-Star Competitive Team, owned by one of this magazine's first and appreciated friends, Christopher York who has graciously permitted us to use his team name and logo in our publication. Thanks again, Chris!

It's our experience that even guys who may not be all that into sports (yes there are some) still love cheerleaders. It can't be helped. It's in the blood and there is no denying it, so don't try. We're onto you!

Now, today's post is going to be a little different as we're making a request from regular readers, newcomers and you who occasionally check in. We want your opinion! So take a moment from reading this or from (much harder to do) looking at Monica's photo and look at the box at the top of the page and make note of the email there. Go ahead. I'll wait . . . back? Great. Email us and let us know what you want to see. More photos per post? More sports? More history? What do you crave? Take the opportunity to influence us as our readers are king in our book! Meanwhile, enjoy and keep coming back as there is so much more to come, like 8 more models scheduled for our first issue. 20 models per issue? How do we do that?
Photo Credit: Monica Chairez Online