28 February, 2006

Fun, February and the Future

Looking at her standing on the rocks off the ocean, one could imagine that the desirous Morgan Leigh Cox was a direct descendant of the Sirens of myth who lured ships with their song and legendary beauty. Well you don't have to imagine her and the other Sirens who will fill the pages of THE MODEL DIGEST, scheduled for digital release on April 24th.

February is at an end but in future months we'll keep posting and bringing you photos and news. Just remember that you can only be teased here. Don't torment yourself. Be sure to get your copy of the digital edition in April where you'll see so much more.

I've had a lot of fun posting for all of you and there's so much more to come. I am contracting 3 more models this week, all extraordinary because in a magazine called THE MODEL DIGEST we better bring you the best!

Birthday Girl today: Miss Connecticut-Teen USA 1996 Marissa Perez
Photo is by Chris Austin.