21 February, 2006

Locomotives, "Love" and George Lucas

Meet the stunning Noelle Haddad. If you can handle waters like this, you'll want a copy of the digital edition of THE MODEL DIGEST on April 24th. Photo by Rose Stout.

Today in 1804 the first locomotive ran for the first time in Wales and the first telephone directory (with only 50 names in it) was issued in New Haven, CT in 1878. Did your ancestors make the cut?

The first issue of quite-renowned cultural icon The New Yorker was published in 1925 and in 1995 RAF-pilot Jo Salter was the first woman to fly in a tornado. And you guys woke up this morning thinking that you were tough, didn't you?

George Lucas premiered the Empire Strikes Back Special Edition movie in 1997, proving that some fanbases are indeed forever. You got three more in you, Mr. Lucas? I'll bet you do!

A very Happy Birthday today to music producer David Geffen, to Larry Hagman of I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas fame and of course to suspense-horror movie favorite Jennifer "Love" Hewitt. We promise, Jennifer, we really don't know what you did last summer. Any summer.
We just wish we did. You can catch Love on her new show Ghost Whisperer but the show is really for chicks so if you're a guy get your "Love" fix and move on.