30 March, 2006

THE MODEL DIGEST Pre-Order Is Ready!

Okay, fans, here's your chance to Pre-Order a copy of issue #1 of THE MODEL DIGEST scheduled for release on April 24th. Get yours first! You can also inquire about subscriptions, special issues or anything else through our Pre-Order link (that's the link right there on the right of this post, the first link you see). We have posted seventeen of our twenty unbelievably hot models already and you will meet number eighteen very soon as we count to number twenty, our cover girl, and absolutely one of the hottest models we have ever laid eyes on! Want to wait? No problem. But if you want to be one of those V.I.P.s who gets their copy first we'll make sure you're the first to receive the issue before anyone else's eyes gaze upon these striking models. At over 100 pages, with 20 unbelievably hot models, the price is a shameful give-away. I don't know what we were thinking! Good luck and good viewing!

28 March, 2006

Super-Fine Seventeenth Model

Meet the very hot Cecilia de Jesus, our seventeenth model in our 20-model line-up to appear this April in the premier Digital Edition of THE MODEL DIGEST on April 24th. Be sure to get your copy.

Normally I post about history but you have waited longer than usual for the new post so I thought I'd do something different, like showing you one of our models in black and white proving they look good in any kind of photo.

Remember the first 20 photos you see here are only teasers. You will see them in the magazine along with many other amazing shots of these extraordinary women. It's not a slogan of ours or anything but all of our girls seem "born to model" and we are confident that THE MODEL DIGEST will carry some of the biggest supermodels of the future. Our magazine prides itself on the girls we work with and we're excited about seeing what the future holds for these hot women on the rise. Keep an eye on this magazine because one day soon you'll look back and remember that you saw her right here first.

Birthday Girl Today: Miss India-Universe 1997 Nafisa Joseph
Photo by Rodney Young

24 March, 2006

Flags, Fast Cars and Fine Models

One of the finest models is Tapeca Noble who will doubtless cause a second look in most circles. She is our 16th model in our 20-model line-up scheduled to appear in the first issue in what will be the Ultimate Digital Magazine: THE MODEL DIGEST. You will be able to purchase that premiere issue right here so stay tuned. Scheduled release date is April 24th.

In 1898 the very first automobile was sold today and there have been a lot of fine cars made since. These days we are restricting are photo posts to our lovely line-up but if the spirit moves you, be sure to check out this publisher's all-time favorite car (no I don't have one . . . yet): the stylish, fast and classic Aston-Martin V12 Vanquish. I find it hard to believe that mere humans made that machine. And coming in at just under a quarter of a million dollars, my skepticism is well-founded.

J. D. Rockefeller donated the New York East River site to the UN today in 1947. I lived in New York for about thirteen years and one of my favorte places was the UN building. I have never stepped inside. It was the perimeter of the place. It is lined with flags of countries from all over the world. It is an impressive site. The East River? Not so much. I have come to enjoy the Blue Lady (the Pacific) at a stone's throw in San Diego. Towards the north bay, there are many moored boats and with the sun hitting the water, the city view of downtown and that amazing air which is indescribable in the city, there is a sense of magic to the place.

Birthday Girls Today: Actresses Kelly LeBrock, Olivia Burnette and Lara Flynn Boyle

22 March, 2006

Comets, Cool Weapons and A Cutting-Edge Model

Say hello to Natasha Tagai, an amazing and yes, cutting-edge beauty right out of the gate. Can you handle all these models yet? Hope so. Because since Natasha is only number 15 in our line-up you're going to have to handle the showcasing of 5 more stunning someday-supermodels to appear this April in issue #1 of THE MODEL DIGEST which will feature 20 beautiful models not only in this but in all of its issues. Keeping this in mind it is probably best to spend all your time on this blog since you will always get the inside sneak preview right here!

Now while our lovely and talented Natasha is blazing her rise across the sky, it calls to mind the comet Hale-Bopp which had its closest approach to earth in 1997 at 1.315 AU's (astronomical units). 1 AU equals 149,597,870.691 kilometers. Whew! That was close . . .

And in keeping with our cutting-edge theme, in today's ever-changing technology (and it is changing much faster than any of us could truly realize), let's look at the laser, that object of literary fantasy and old movies as well as the more grounded medical applications. The first laser patent was granted in 1960 (hardly considered a futuristic time--we still had not landed on our humble moon yet) to Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes. So why isn't it called a Schawlow Scan or a Townes Tool? Who knows? But the name stands for what it is: Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation or pretty close to that if memory serves. We're not a science blog, after all. All we ever guarantee is that our models are so beautiful they call cool things to mind and words like "astronomical" can't help but describe them perfectly.

Birthday Girls Today: Miss Korea-Universe 1996 Kim Yun-Jung, Miss Kansas Teen-USA 1997 Mariah Leanne Bergman and actress Kellie Shanygne Williams

20 March, 2006

Sleek Design

Meet Kamii Nettles who is a blazingly perfect example of looks and style, the 14th model in our modest (ahem did we say "modest?") 20-MODEL LINE-UP, scheduled to appear in THE MODEL DIGEST on April 24th.

Once again we mention our numerous hot models and their layouts because it is important. Why? Because every magazine you pick up is shamefully low in number where these beautiful girls are concerned. Not so in THE MODEL DIGEST. You get 20 models in every issue, every time and if that is not enough for you, well, we'd like to say we can't help you but we can! We are planning a swimsuit issue for later in the year and only the best photos from the finest models will be used. So keep coming back here for updates.

Oh I guess there are those of you who want your "today-in-history" fix? Okay here it is: the first recorded bank robbery took place in 1831 in New York today and on the same day in 1868 Jesse James and his boys robbed a bank for $14,000. Considering that's a lot of money even now, you can see why the man became so notorious.

Birthday Girls Today: English actress Jane March and Miss Florida-America 1990 Dana Rinehart Dalton

17 March, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am sure many will be celebrating the day and well through the night. Enjoy!

The first official St. Patrick's Day was celebrated way back in 1753. Thats' a whole 254 celebrations and counting . . .

Here at THE MODEL DIGEST we get in a celebratory mood whenever we contract another amazing model, like the very provocative Courtney Riemer, the 13th model in our 20-model lineup. 7 more models will be showcased before release and then you can look forward to muliple-photo posts as well as a complete look back at every post we did photo-wise, a mega-post if you will. Imagine seeing twenty photos of models this beautiful all at once and right there you will have a mere sample of what our magazine will be. Have a favorite model and need to see more? Fear not. Every model you see here will have several photos in the magazine and we'll build in features and things for you in our Digital Edition that are impossible to get in a paper edition. So keep coming back because two more models will be posted over the next few days. Remember, enjoy the holiday!
Photo by Victor Salvador with Desert Ice Studios

14 March, 2006

Girls In Uniform

Meet the stunning Monica Chairez, our first beautiful model in what will be a regular feature in THE MODEL DIGEST called "Girls In Uniform." We're starting with a professional cheerleader and model but you can use your imagination for now to get an idea of what you might expect in future issues!

Monica is sporting the uniform of The CheerXpress Jags All-Star Competitive Team, owned by one of this magazine's first and appreciated friends, Christopher York who has graciously permitted us to use his team name and logo in our publication. Thanks again, Chris!

It's our experience that even guys who may not be all that into sports (yes there are some) still love cheerleaders. It can't be helped. It's in the blood and there is no denying it, so don't try. We're onto you!

Now, today's post is going to be a little different as we're making a request from regular readers, newcomers and you who occasionally check in. We want your opinion! So take a moment from reading this or from (much harder to do) looking at Monica's photo and look at the box at the top of the page and make note of the email there. Go ahead. I'll wait . . . back? Great. Email us and let us know what you want to see. More photos per post? More sports? More history? What do you crave? Take the opportunity to influence us as our readers are king in our book! Meanwhile, enjoy and keep coming back as there is so much more to come, like 8 more models scheduled for our first issue. 20 models per issue? How do we do that?
Photo Credit: Monica Chairez Online

12 March, 2006

The Supernatural and Future Supermodels

There is certainly something that casts a strong spell on anyone who looks upon the amazing Libertad Green, the 11th model in our 20-model lineup scheduled to appear in THE MODEL DIGEST this April. We feel that all our models are amazing and believe that out of this group of talented women will lie the future supermodels. So pay them attention and be nice because these girls are on the rise.

Now onto our supernatural subject: In 1945 today Russia gave all of Transylvania back to Romania. I suppose if you have possession of the land of Dracula, you start to think twice about holding onto it. Actually, the legend of the vampire is very strong in the Carpathian regions where the novel Dracula is set and if you think this might be caused by the increased popular mythology created by the book, you should consider the fact that a lot of the local population has never even heard of the novel so set apart from our world are their lives.

Here is another little-known fact: Dracula is the second-most-reprinted body of work in literature, after The Bible.

Birthday Girl Today: Miss Nevada-USA 1996 Alisa Castillo
Photo by Frances Green

10 March, 2006

The Golden Age of Boxing

Good evening, fans! I'm afraid even publishers can sometimes be under the weather so I did not get a chance to post sooner. The club assured me invulnerability! Anyway feeling better and back. No photo today but I have the next two model photo posts lined up to be here soon. Look for one this weekend and the other early next week. These are two models we're thrilled to have on the pages of the first issue of THE MODEL DIGEST!

I thought I'd talk about John L. Sullivan today. Back before fighting got "civilized" there was no such thing as a final round. A fight would go on until someone got knocked out or enough was enough. Back then it was a real streetish thing. Today in 1888 Sullivan went 30 rounds with Charlie Mitchell for a draw. That must have been something to see. Hats off, gentlemen!

Birthday Girls Today: Actresses Sharon Stone and Jasmine Guy, Swedish pop star Neneh Cherry, New Bohemian musician Edie Brickell and of course, model Eva Herzigova

08 March, 2006

High Flyers and Inviting Harbors

When looking at the captivating Rochelle Visaya by calm waters, it is difficult to think of anything or anyone more inviting. She's our tenth featured model in our line-up scheduled to appear in THE MODEL DIGEST.

It's all about the skies on our post today as the first flight of the all-too-famous Goodyear blimp took to the air in 1972. And the first helicopter was licensed for commercial use, in New York of course, in 1946. We should all have one of those.

Birthday Girls Today: Cheryl James (better known as "Salt" from Salt-N-Pepa), Miss Alaska-America 1990 Holly Ann Salo, Miss Utah-America 1996 Nanette Pearson and of course, actress/classic model Kathy Ireland
Photo by Keith Baggs

06 March, 2006

Explorers and Discoveries

One such discovery is the mesmerizing Racquel Renee Marsh, our 9th posted model in our 20-model line-up scheduled to appear in THE MODEL DIGEST.

If you can tear yourself away from the photo for a second, here's some of the history for today: In 1521 Magellan discovered Guam and they actually celebrate it as Discovery Day in honor of that.

I am not going to get into anything else as I am sure you have already stopped reading but for those that make it this far . . .

Birthday Girls Today: Actresses-- 24's Connie Britton, One Tree Hill's Moira Kelly, Andrea Elson (Do you remember Alf?) and Amy Pietz
Photo by Ron Marsh

05 March, 2006

More Models To Come . . .

Why do I post without a new model posted? I am just going to upset you, I know. But it is late in the day and I have a special post planned for tomorrow with the 9th, count 'em, 9th model in our postings, another very hot model to appear in THE MODEL DIGEST premiering on April 24th. I have said before that checking back is worth it and I think I have proven that's no lie. You again will not be disappointed. People are checking in from many parts of the globe but we're greedy. We want every country to enjoy our blog and magazine so we'll keep posting and publishing until we get there. Well, that's enough out of me. A new beauty tomorrow for sure so check us out, if you dare!

Birthday Girls Today: Miss West Virginia-USA 1997 Natalie Bevins and of course, model Niki Taylor

"The universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it."---Marcus Aurelius

01 March, 2006

National Treasures

Well one such treasure is certainly the sultry Salome. She is another of the striking models to be featured in THE MODEL DIGEST which will showcase its premier issue on April 24th.

Another is the famous Yellowstone Park. In 1872 on this very day it became the first national park in the world and people have been exploring it ever since.

And fighting the good fight in World War II, Captain America first appeared on comic pages today in 1941.

So March is here and that means (for us anyway) a special kind of March Madness, the kind where you are pushing for launch only a month away (I don't recommend this particular form of madness). But things are moving along and getting more and more exciting. At some point this month you will be able to pre-order your copies of issue #1 too so keep checking back for updates. By April all will be up and running and we'll constantly be coming up with more model layouts and more things for you to enjoy. We already have a special edition being lined up for later this year! So keep reading, keep looking and keep looking forward to the future because like the saying goes: You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Birthday Girl Today: Miss Spain-Universe 1975 Maria Jose Suarez
Photo by Willie Panaina