12 March, 2006

The Supernatural and Future Supermodels

There is certainly something that casts a strong spell on anyone who looks upon the amazing Libertad Green, the 11th model in our 20-model lineup scheduled to appear in THE MODEL DIGEST this April. We feel that all our models are amazing and believe that out of this group of talented women will lie the future supermodels. So pay them attention and be nice because these girls are on the rise.

Now onto our supernatural subject: In 1945 today Russia gave all of Transylvania back to Romania. I suppose if you have possession of the land of Dracula, you start to think twice about holding onto it. Actually, the legend of the vampire is very strong in the Carpathian regions where the novel Dracula is set and if you think this might be caused by the increased popular mythology created by the book, you should consider the fact that a lot of the local population has never even heard of the novel so set apart from our world are their lives.

Here is another little-known fact: Dracula is the second-most-reprinted body of work in literature, after The Bible.

Birthday Girl Today: Miss Nevada-USA 1996 Alisa Castillo
Photo by Frances Green