22 February, 2006


The Hawaiian Islands were added to the U.S. territories today in 1900 and I for one, am glad that this gatherer of Polynesian cultures is part of the country. There is something amazing about being in Hawaii, I guess from being thousands of miles from the mainland yet you're still in America.

With its lush greenery and multiple beaches populated by some of the most striking women in the world, the street torches burning at night and Hawaiian music drifting out to the ocean, one gets the feeling of being in a deeply magical place.

This photo cannot do justice to those islands but trust me, Hawaii is worth a visit. Be sure to check out the Polynesian Cultural Center. I am not one for tourist things but this bus ride through Oahu was worth it. You can see shows put on representing each of the original Polynesian Islands and they are very well done.

Birthday Girls Today: Actress Jeri Ryan and new angel actress/producer Drew Barrymore.