28 February, 2006

Fun, February and the Future

Looking at her standing on the rocks off the ocean, one could imagine that the desirous Morgan Leigh Cox was a direct descendant of the Sirens of myth who lured ships with their song and legendary beauty. Well you don't have to imagine her and the other Sirens who will fill the pages of THE MODEL DIGEST, scheduled for digital release on April 24th.

February is at an end but in future months we'll keep posting and bringing you photos and news. Just remember that you can only be teased here. Don't torment yourself. Be sure to get your copy of the digital edition in April where you'll see so much more.

I've had a lot of fun posting for all of you and there's so much more to come. I am contracting 3 more models this week, all extraordinary because in a magazine called THE MODEL DIGEST we better bring you the best!

Birthday Girl today: Miss Connecticut-Teen USA 1996 Marissa Perez
Photo is by Chris Austin.

27 February, 2006

Magazines, Mardi Gras and Miss America

People magazine started selling today back in 1974 and I have to admit while I am not a subscriber or even much of a reader of the publication I can't help but thumb threw it if it finds its way to arm's length. I suppose that is part of the power of a magazine and is certainly the kind of feeling we want to instill in readers of THE MODEL DIGEST, that feeling that speaks to one within saying "let me just see what is going on in there." And believe me, you'll want to thumb through.

Mardi Gras begins again and if we trace it back all the way to the beginning you would find yourself at its first incarnation in the streets of New Orleans back in 1827. That has been one long run and it looks like nothing will deter its reign as a major celebration.

Come back soon as my next post will feature a photo of one of our latest hires. You won't want to miss it!

Birthday Girls today: Actress Christina Nigra, Miss Michigan-America 1990 Victoria Fair Jackson and Miss Wyoming-America 1995 Dana Marie Lane.

25 February, 2006

Greenbacks and Great Fighters

Probably the most appealing green is the jungle where the super-hot Angela Gonzalez seems to be inviting us to explore. She is another of our amazing line-up of the best models in the country to appear in THE MODEL DIGEST. Photo is by Misha.

But did you know? Today marks the day in 1862 when Abraham Lincoln introduced another favorite green, the "greenback" paper currency we have come to know and love and we have quested mightily for more and more of it ever since.

And don't worry fight fans, I have not forgotten you. After the Joe Louis post I wouldn't want to get in trouble for forgetting to mention that in 1964 a 7-1 underdog named Cassius Clay (A.K.A. Mohammed Ali) TKO'd Sonny Liston in the 7th round taking the heavyweight title.

I know it is late in the day but Happy Birthday! to girls: Actresses Tea Leoni and Stacey Cortez, fashion designer Alison Roberts and of course, actress/supermodel Veronica Webb.

23 February, 2006


Well one sure knockout is Valentina Smirnova appearing in THE MODEL DIGEST premier issue on April 24th. Photo is by Kenny Wong.

Today represents another knockout fact: The great and legendary (yes his fans would want both adjectives) Joe Louis knocked out Nathan Mann in the 3rd round for the Heavyweight title. That was way back in 1938 but that punch has echoed across the years for sports fans everywhere.

Also today Walt Disney released Pinocchio in 1940. No lie!

Now, let me talk a little about the magazine because I am sure there are those of you who are curious. As you can see there are only amazing models on our project and frankly that is mainly what you'll be getting. One of the things that always seemed lacking in other similar magazines was a good number of layouts and models. I never understood why. Generally speaking the industry is not faring very well yet for some reason everyone keeps doing the same thing. The simple fact is that as far as men go, they want to see more models. The formula is not that complicated but we had to create our own magazine to get one that delivers. Now you might find some of the things you'll get in other magazines as time goes on but many beautiful models will always be the focus of THE MODEL DIGEST. If you want less photos and more filler there's plenty of other magazines out there. Meanwhile we'll constantly be preparing the best for you in regards to quality and quantity.

Birthday Girls today: Fashion designer Pam Blundell and actress Kristin Davis.

22 February, 2006


The Hawaiian Islands were added to the U.S. territories today in 1900 and I for one, am glad that this gatherer of Polynesian cultures is part of the country. There is something amazing about being in Hawaii, I guess from being thousands of miles from the mainland yet you're still in America.

With its lush greenery and multiple beaches populated by some of the most striking women in the world, the street torches burning at night and Hawaiian music drifting out to the ocean, one gets the feeling of being in a deeply magical place.

This photo cannot do justice to those islands but trust me, Hawaii is worth a visit. Be sure to check out the Polynesian Cultural Center. I am not one for tourist things but this bus ride through Oahu was worth it. You can see shows put on representing each of the original Polynesian Islands and they are very well done.

Birthday Girls Today: Actress Jeri Ryan and new angel actress/producer Drew Barrymore.

21 February, 2006

Locomotives, "Love" and George Lucas

Meet the stunning Noelle Haddad. If you can handle waters like this, you'll want a copy of the digital edition of THE MODEL DIGEST on April 24th. Photo by Rose Stout.

Today in 1804 the first locomotive ran for the first time in Wales and the first telephone directory (with only 50 names in it) was issued in New Haven, CT in 1878. Did your ancestors make the cut?

The first issue of quite-renowned cultural icon The New Yorker was published in 1925 and in 1995 RAF-pilot Jo Salter was the first woman to fly in a tornado. And you guys woke up this morning thinking that you were tough, didn't you?

George Lucas premiered the Empire Strikes Back Special Edition movie in 1997, proving that some fanbases are indeed forever. You got three more in you, Mr. Lucas? I'll bet you do!

A very Happy Birthday today to music producer David Geffen, to Larry Hagman of I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas fame and of course to suspense-horror movie favorite Jennifer "Love" Hewitt. We promise, Jennifer, we really don't know what you did last summer. Any summer.
We just wish we did. You can catch Love on her new show Ghost Whisperer but the show is really for chicks so if you're a guy get your "Love" fix and move on.

20 February, 2006

Labour to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire,—conscience. (Rule from the Copy-book of Washington when a schoolboy.)

Happy Presidents' Day!

Meet Import Car and generally all-around super-hot model Amy Nguyen, who will appear in the premier issue of THE MODEL DIGEST scheduled for release on April 24th. Photo is by Dave Bourne. Speaking of photos, Ansel Adams was born on this day in 1902. In honor of that I'd like to say thank you to all the photographers out there who make our business work. They are the glue that holds models and publishers together. And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to talented supermodel/actress Cindy Crawford, very hot at 40. Thanks for all the fun.

The U.S. Post Office started today in 1792 and no matter how technological we become that is still a great operation. Finally, in 1944 Batman and Robin first graced the pages of newspaper comic strips and have heroically battled on ever since.

Come back in a day or so for another photo. We're playing our cards pretty close to the vest so you can imagine the kind of layouts you're in for in THE MODEL DIGEST. Enjoy the holiday!

19 February, 2006

Photo from NASA

Born today in 1473, Polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus Torun. Yes the earth is, in fact, round. I must acknowledge this great visionary. Also today in 1928 the 2nd Winter Olympic Games closed at St. Moritz, Switzerland and in 1984 the 14th Winter Olympic Games closed at Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Also good to acknowledge great competitors. And in 1993 Kenya Moore was crowned the 42nd Miss USA. She said that beauty "comes from within." Of course that did not stop her from being smoking hot on the outside! Be sure to check back tomorrow for another of our issue-one models. It will definitely be worth it.--Jim

16 February, 2006

All is moving along. Our cover is almost done with a talented model out of Florida, pictures to come, with the models and behind-the-scenes people all contributing to making our deadline on April 24th. More model photos will be posted in the near future.--Jim

15 February, 2006

Good morning! So the journalistic begins here regarding the magazine. We have been very fortunate to contract a lot of beautiful talent over the past several months and new models are coming on board all the time. I am starting to wonder why I did not embark on this particular publishing road sooner as it has proven rewarding even before our first issue's release. More notes to come.--Jim

14 February, 2006

Photo by Victor Salvador and Nicoolas Debruin
Meet Heidi Galarza, one of the models you'll see featured in The Premier issue of THE MODEL DIGESTTM, scheduled for release on April 24th.