23 February, 2006


Well one sure knockout is Valentina Smirnova appearing in THE MODEL DIGEST premier issue on April 24th. Photo is by Kenny Wong.

Today represents another knockout fact: The great and legendary (yes his fans would want both adjectives) Joe Louis knocked out Nathan Mann in the 3rd round for the Heavyweight title. That was way back in 1938 but that punch has echoed across the years for sports fans everywhere.

Also today Walt Disney released Pinocchio in 1940. No lie!

Now, let me talk a little about the magazine because I am sure there are those of you who are curious. As you can see there are only amazing models on our project and frankly that is mainly what you'll be getting. One of the things that always seemed lacking in other similar magazines was a good number of layouts and models. I never understood why. Generally speaking the industry is not faring very well yet for some reason everyone keeps doing the same thing. The simple fact is that as far as men go, they want to see more models. The formula is not that complicated but we had to create our own magazine to get one that delivers. Now you might find some of the things you'll get in other magazines as time goes on but many beautiful models will always be the focus of THE MODEL DIGEST. If you want less photos and more filler there's plenty of other magazines out there. Meanwhile we'll constantly be preparing the best for you in regards to quality and quantity.

Birthday Girls today: Fashion designer Pam Blundell and actress Kristin Davis.