01 March, 2006

National Treasures

Well one such treasure is certainly the sultry Salome. She is another of the striking models to be featured in THE MODEL DIGEST which will showcase its premier issue on April 24th.

Another is the famous Yellowstone Park. In 1872 on this very day it became the first national park in the world and people have been exploring it ever since.

And fighting the good fight in World War II, Captain America first appeared on comic pages today in 1941.

So March is here and that means (for us anyway) a special kind of March Madness, the kind where you are pushing for launch only a month away (I don't recommend this particular form of madness). But things are moving along and getting more and more exciting. At some point this month you will be able to pre-order your copies of issue #1 too so keep checking back for updates. By April all will be up and running and we'll constantly be coming up with more model layouts and more things for you to enjoy. We already have a special edition being lined up for later this year! So keep reading, keep looking and keep looking forward to the future because like the saying goes: You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Birthday Girl Today: Miss Spain-Universe 1975 Maria Jose Suarez
Photo by Willie Panaina