10 March, 2006

The Golden Age of Boxing

Good evening, fans! I'm afraid even publishers can sometimes be under the weather so I did not get a chance to post sooner. The club assured me invulnerability! Anyway feeling better and back. No photo today but I have the next two model photo posts lined up to be here soon. Look for one this weekend and the other early next week. These are two models we're thrilled to have on the pages of the first issue of THE MODEL DIGEST!

I thought I'd talk about John L. Sullivan today. Back before fighting got "civilized" there was no such thing as a final round. A fight would go on until someone got knocked out or enough was enough. Back then it was a real streetish thing. Today in 1888 Sullivan went 30 rounds with Charlie Mitchell for a draw. That must have been something to see. Hats off, gentlemen!

Birthday Girls Today: Actresses Sharon Stone and Jasmine Guy, Swedish pop star Neneh Cherry, New Bohemian musician Edie Brickell and of course, model Eva Herzigova