20 March, 2006

Sleek Design

Meet Kamii Nettles who is a blazingly perfect example of looks and style, the 14th model in our modest (ahem did we say "modest?") 20-MODEL LINE-UP, scheduled to appear in THE MODEL DIGEST on April 24th.

Once again we mention our numerous hot models and their layouts because it is important. Why? Because every magazine you pick up is shamefully low in number where these beautiful girls are concerned. Not so in THE MODEL DIGEST. You get 20 models in every issue, every time and if that is not enough for you, well, we'd like to say we can't help you but we can! We are planning a swimsuit issue for later in the year and only the best photos from the finest models will be used. So keep coming back here for updates.

Oh I guess there are those of you who want your "today-in-history" fix? Okay here it is: the first recorded bank robbery took place in 1831 in New York today and on the same day in 1868 Jesse James and his boys robbed a bank for $14,000. Considering that's a lot of money even now, you can see why the man became so notorious.

Birthday Girls Today: English actress Jane March and Miss Florida-America 1990 Dana Rinehart Dalton