17 March, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am sure many will be celebrating the day and well through the night. Enjoy!

The first official St. Patrick's Day was celebrated way back in 1753. Thats' a whole 254 celebrations and counting . . .

Here at THE MODEL DIGEST we get in a celebratory mood whenever we contract another amazing model, like the very provocative Courtney Riemer, the 13th model in our 20-model lineup. 7 more models will be showcased before release and then you can look forward to muliple-photo posts as well as a complete look back at every post we did photo-wise, a mega-post if you will. Imagine seeing twenty photos of models this beautiful all at once and right there you will have a mere sample of what our magazine will be. Have a favorite model and need to see more? Fear not. Every model you see here will have several photos in the magazine and we'll build in features and things for you in our Digital Edition that are impossible to get in a paper edition. So keep coming back because two more models will be posted over the next few days. Remember, enjoy the holiday!
Photo by Victor Salvador with Desert Ice Studios