28 March, 2006

Super-Fine Seventeenth Model

Meet the very hot Cecilia de Jesus, our seventeenth model in our 20-model line-up to appear this April in the premier Digital Edition of THE MODEL DIGEST on April 24th. Be sure to get your copy.

Normally I post about history but you have waited longer than usual for the new post so I thought I'd do something different, like showing you one of our models in black and white proving they look good in any kind of photo.

Remember the first 20 photos you see here are only teasers. You will see them in the magazine along with many other amazing shots of these extraordinary women. It's not a slogan of ours or anything but all of our girls seem "born to model" and we are confident that THE MODEL DIGEST will carry some of the biggest supermodels of the future. Our magazine prides itself on the girls we work with and we're excited about seeing what the future holds for these hot women on the rise. Keep an eye on this magazine because one day soon you'll look back and remember that you saw her right here first.

Birthday Girl Today: Miss India-Universe 1997 Nafisa Joseph
Photo by Rodney Young