30 March, 2006

THE MODEL DIGEST Pre-Order Is Ready!

Okay, fans, here's your chance to Pre-Order a copy of issue #1 of THE MODEL DIGEST scheduled for release on April 24th. Get yours first! You can also inquire about subscriptions, special issues or anything else through our Pre-Order link (that's the link right there on the right of this post, the first link you see). We have posted seventeen of our twenty unbelievably hot models already and you will meet number eighteen very soon as we count to number twenty, our cover girl, and absolutely one of the hottest models we have ever laid eyes on! Want to wait? No problem. But if you want to be one of those V.I.P.s who gets their copy first we'll make sure you're the first to receive the issue before anyone else's eyes gaze upon these striking models. At over 100 pages, with 20 unbelievably hot models, the price is a shameful give-away. I don't know what we were thinking! Good luck and good viewing!