23 April, 2006

Deadlines and Delicious Directions

Welcome, visitors! Whether you are just checking in today or come a little later in the week there's lots to tell. Our deadline of April 24th while eluding us sinfully due to some technical problems which would at the very least bore our readers and at most confuse them has caused to us to consider the direction of the project. The number of models involved is high and increasing all the time. We already have more than enough of them to put out several magazines as we had planned. So we finally figured we should take our troubles and turn them into triumphs. I myself do not like setbacks and cannot find any use for them unless they lead to something better. I believe that is what is happening here. Currently the partners are in talks about the best way to go but "book" seems to be the watch word of the hour.

Going back and forth over the possibilities of what to do naturally we have to rework how some of the process is done regrading those boring, confusing technical points but if more time is to be added to the mix then the project needs to be all the greater in its end result.

Sometimes I wish I was supremely reluctant and quick to just stop in my tracks but that never seems to be in option in my case. I see too much potential in both the models and the project and if possible now, even more than I saw before because more choices are presenting themselves even as more models are contracted. I did promise a mega-post and you are sure to get it this week but now you can view it not only as the twenty models to appear in THE MODEL DIGEST first issue but the First Twenty Models to appear in a larger more ambitious work that is going to evolve our plan in a way comparable to an acorn turning into a fully-grown and wondrous oak tree.

I have posted cover model April Florio again in a classy shot to show the caliber of models we have been working with and want you to just think even better, even larger and even more worth the wait as far as this work is concerned. I certainly do. As for the deadline we'll leave that open for now as we rework the acorn into an oak with a lot more leaves, branches and strength.

As always the blog will get posts on how we progress and as always I will add more models so if you can handle a lot more photos of these lovely ladies more power to you. So keep coming back and look forward to an even more amazing result. I know my own excitement as of today at least tripled and that does not happen very often.

We will do all to deliver this project as it heads in an even more delicious direction than before!