17 April, 2006

Muscle Cars and Mighty Fine Models

Meet April Florio, our amazing Cover Model for issue #1 of THE MODEL DIGEST scheduled to premiere on April 24th. There is something powerfully hypnotic about April as well as mysterious which just accents a woman whose nature and features prove she was born to be a modeling superstar. We are proud to showcase her as our very first Cover Model. So proud we had to give you two photos of her, one in color and one in black and white. As you can see she is smoking hot in any type of photo. You'll be sure to see even more of her in the premiere issue so look for it.

I have not posted in awhile because we are hard at work on the actual publication and you would not believe the number of tech problems that come up as you near a deadline. One of the publishing pitfalls. But I promised you a great model for the cover and as you can see I did not lie. And don't forget to keep visiting because I remember promising you all a "mega-post" of every photo we have put on here as a precursor to our first issue's release. That will be 21 photos, all hot and amazing when you see them all together, the perfect warm-up to our debut.

Onto today's history: one of the greatest cars ever made in the muscle-car line, the Mustang,first rolled off the assembly line today in 1964. It was a white convertible. After that the rest is well, history.

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