13 May, 2006

Twenty-Two Models and Counting . . .

Meet Sauna X, our luscious twenty-second stunning model scheduled to appear in the new, improved
digital work: THE MODEL DIGEST now slated for summer arrival and availability. This hot model strutting her stuff in a classic cowgirl shoot is just one of at least 40 delights awaiting you within the pages of our book. The day just came where twenty models just didn't seem like enough anymore and we're glad it did. We figured why do a magazine that spoonfeeds the fans what they want when we can give it to you all at once? Heck, we can always do another one later. Just remember that lots of hot models in hot outfits like these await you within those pages and with multiple photos of each smoking-hot girl!

Now if you have been reading along and not distracted by Sauna's features you know that you will be in for a treat this summer. I myself can hardly wait for this project to be done because compared to what it was first intended to be, it is even hotter, more fun and larger (best of all). We're posting at least once a week and will do more when we can between production and research and all those other little publishing things I am sure you'd be bored with so enjoy Sauna and the rest of the models we post because you'll love each and every one!