02 April, 2007


Starting with the lovely and talented Natasha Tagai and followed by 7 more delicious representatives of that noble profession known as modeling, we are happy to present you with merchandise for sale which you can access through the link at the right of this page. We went a little overboard and have Natasha on everything from buttons to journals to T-shirts (you get the idea). We just started so as the store products develop we will streamline as necessary and add what we need to ultimately give you a perfect selection of model merchandise. If you enjoy reading this blog and our photo posts (and I know you do because you visit in greater numbers every week) you will love to have some of this merchandise. The pricing is all over the board and works for every budget from the "can't scrape together-two-nickels" class all the way through to the "I'll-take-it-it-all" spender. Enjoy Natasha and the other girls who I'd like to take this opportunity to thank for helping me give you some beautiful and I do mean beautiful merchandise. With such sexy girls, how could it not be? And don't forget to pre-order our e-book which contains all these lovely, delicious ladies in one place as well as quite a number of others. Order away, you lucky dog, you! Photo copyrighted www.julietimages.com