13 July, 2006

Triple Threat!!!

Cecilia de Jesus (white bikini), Libertad Green (black and red lingerie) and Natasha Tagai (blue lingerie) may look like really hot models but the truth is they are super-hot and you'll see why in the extraordinary Digital Edition THE MODEL DIGEST scheduled for summer-end release. I know, I know. These are repeat models. You are asking: Where's the new blood? I mean 40 models you said and we're not up to thirty yet?! Don't worry, sports fans, we'll get you there. Just this week four new models are being contracted and we are already pre-planning a promotional event.

If you want a specialty pass to upcoming events write us at themodeldigest@hotmail.com to get your passes which will surely lead to more cool stuff. If you'd rather not meet beautiful models then, well, frankly, we don't know what's wrong with you but you're not our kind of people. We just don't understand you and wish you the best of luck . . . early thoughts are to have the first promotional event in Vegas since a lot of our models live there and it's simply a great place to have that type of thing. We'll be in talks with some of the hotels out there about partnering for it and if an agreeable arrangement can be made that will be the place. Meanwhile I'll keep posting weekly as promised and trying to do the grueling job of approving model photos (how many beautiful women must I look at to get this thing done right??!!) and final layouts for our final product. Think of that product as a mega-version of this blog but with a lot more photos and a lot less of my going on and on and on . . . enjoy!!!