03 July, 2006

World Cup and World-Class Models Continue

I was quite disappointed when France knocked Brazil out of the Final Four. While not a big sports fan, I do appreciate the major events and I am a big fan of Brazil. It is a second home to me. They perfomed very well in the World Cup though and should be proud of the showing they made.

As for World-Class Models, here is another: our 24th model in the line-up---the mystifying and haunting Daphne Rodney who we are fortunate enough to have contracted to grace THE MODEL DIGEST's humble pages, pages which are constantly in awe of the beautiful women in them. Daphne will be joined by 39 other beauties, some you have seen and some still to come. Once again, working with beautiful professional models is a pleasure. There are drawbacks to publishing too, however: the wait for requested photos, models ready to work but then not following through professionally etc. But for the most part we have experienced good relationships, professional manners, great submissions and courteous communication, commitment and healthy attitudes towards the project. As a publisher you have to learn to ignore the bad and embrace the good and realize that in the end it is all about putting a great publication out that people will enjoy and that will assist the models involved in their careers. If I accomplish just those two things I will be satisfied. Meanwhile as always enjoy the posts. I will be posting once a week from now on, probably early in the week so see you again after the holiday.