12 August, 2006

Pre-Order Your Issue Today!

We are sure there are many visitors to our humble blog who want to get their copy of The Model Digest. You can PRE-ORDER THE MODEL DIGEST E-BOOK featuring 40 Hot Models right now. The cost is only $4.95! That's less than most newsstand copies which feature less than one fourth of the models we have and frankly we know it is worth more than the cover price but for now you are lucky because since it is new we are offering it at this starter price, one which will likely disappear with future e-books because the interest in this project will keep increasing. So, "How do I get a copy?" you ask. Simple. You send a check or money order to: THE MODEL DIGEST, 1616 Ninth Avenue, Suite #3, San Diego, CA 92101 for $4.95 and when the e-book is completed, we send you your copies FIRST. That is correct! PRE-ORDER CUSTOMERS get first crack at taking long looks at these luscious lovelies so PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW because where else are you going to get 40 hot models in one place? Answer: Nowhere else! Meanwhile (from top left in order) enjoy the exotic Rina Mehta, the voluptuous Natasha Tagai, the super-sexy Tina Tran and the delicious Morgan Leigh Cox as they remind you why THE MODEL DIGEST is THE Digital Work to own! A great week to all!--JMP--Publisher