02 August, 2006

Three You'll Want To See In THE MODEL DIGEST Exclusive Digital E-BOOK This Year!
Model Sarah Hoxie stimulates our retinas in hot red, upcomer Elizabeth Biebel sets the stage with a cute pose and in the green bikini, the lovely Rina Mehta fill out our next three models in the line-up which I believe brings us to 27 total so far. Wow! This just keeps getting better. I see more countries have been visiting the blog and even while away from posting numbers are up. I know I owe you three posts but I'll spare you my rants and just give you the three beauties. This week we contracted several more models so soon we will be at our quota of 40 and can wrap this thing up by summer's end. Don't forget to PRE-ORDER your issue (see the top of the archive list). It's truly a steal. 40 hot models with stats and not enough copy to strain your eyes. Easy on the eyes is our motto (well, actually our motto is lots of unbelievably beautiful models but "easy on the eyes" is catchier). Don't stare. It's not polite! And don't worry, I promise less copy in the magazine than on the blog! And MORE PHOTOS!